Allow me to introduce myself.

I am a professional scholar. I am Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Leicester, where I teach in the School of Media, Communication, and Sociology. I previously taught digital media at the University of the West of England and linguistics at the Open University, and if you’re curious about how I got from linguistics to what I’m doing now, you might want to have a look at my publications. A long time ago, I trained as a graphic artist (although the gallery page of this site has now been under construction for rather too long!), which possibly explains why I’ve taken an interest in emoticons/emojis as a visual and linguistic aspect of digital culture (see newspaper articles here and here). Broadly speaking, I’m interested in how culture gets made and what people do with it.

This is my website. It exists partly to show how the various parts of my work fit together, and partly as a platform on which to publish shorter pieces of writing that don’t fit into my publication schedule (see the blog). The specific part of my work that deals with electronic music is covered at, the website I run with Anna Jordanous and Byron Dueck.