At the University of Leicester, I teach in the School of Media, Communication, and Sociology.

At the University of the West of England, I co-ordinated the Web Media second year module and the third year Work Placement module, and taught on the Dissertation and the Contemporary Digital Practice first year module. At the Open University, I supervised and examined dissertations on the M.Res in Applied Linguistics and served on the module teams for a range of undergraduate courses, including Worlds of English, Exploring the English Language, Children’s Literature, Reading and Studying Literature, and another module that shall remain nameless. At the University of Stirling, I taught on the Language and Society, Language and Literature, and Critical Theory undergraduate modules (first-, second-, and third-year students respectively), as well as the core module of the M.Litt in English Studies. I also have six years of public- and private-sector English language teaching experience in Poland and the UK. My first PhD student, Stephen Pihlaja, successfully defended his thesis on online religious discourse in December 2012, passing outright with no corrections. I have extensive experience in the design and production of online, print, and audiovisual teaching materials, and my first book, Communicating in English: talk, text, technology (Allington and Mayor, 2012), is a set text at several universities. My teaching draws heavily on my research, but the direction of my research has often come from the requirements of teaching, as I try to gain a deeper understanding of anything that students will rely on me for knowledge of.

I would be keen to supervise PhD theses in any of my areas of research interest. If that’s something you would like to discuss, go ahead and contact me.


Allington, D. and Mayor, B. (eds.) (2012) Communicating in English: talk, text, technology. London: Routledge. 385pp.